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Pilz 772181, PNOZ m ES 14DO

Pilz 772181, PNOZ m ES 14DO
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Electrical data

Purpose of U2 Versorgung der HL-Ausgänge  
Supply voltage 2 (V) 24  
Type of supply voltage U2 DC  
Tolerance of U2 -20 %/+25 %  
Potential isolation U2 ja  
Purpose of UINT1 Versorgung des Moduls  
Source of internal voltage über Basisgerät  
Voltage type of UINT1 DC  
Permitted loads ohmsch  

Semiconductor outputs

Potential isolation of S/C O ja  
S/C output short circuit proof ja  
SC outputs: DC at UL 24 V DC P. D.  

Environmental data

Ambient temperature standard EN 60068-2-14  
Ambient temperature 0 - 60  °C
Storage temperature standard EN 60068-2-1/-2  
Climatic suitability standard EN 60068-2-30  
EN 60068-2-78  
Condensation permitted? Not permitted  
Perm. operating height ASL 2000 m  
EMC to standard ... EN 61131-2  
Vibration to standard ... EN 60068-2-6  
Acc. shock to standard1 15g  
Clearance & creepage dist. to EN 61131-2  
Overvoltage category II  
Pollution degree clear.&creep. 2  
Protection type standard EN 60529  
Protection type, mounting IP54  
Protection type, housing IP20  
Terminal protection type IP20  

Potential separation

Potential isolation 1 between SC output and system voltage  
Type of potential isolation 1 Basisisolierung  

Mechanical data

Mounting position waager. auf Hutschiene  
DIN-rail dimensions 35 x 7.5 EN 50022  
Housing material lower section PC  
Housing material front plate PC  
Housing material upper part PC  
Connection terminal Schraubklemme  
Terminal style steckbar  
Flex. cond. c/s AWG info 24 - 12 AWG  
Height dimension 101.4  
Width dimension 22.5  
Depth dimension 120  
Net weight 100  
Gross weight 110